Chief Executive Officer:
James Lloyd Jr
Chief Operating Officer:
Terry R. Snodgrass Sr
Vice President of Marketing:
J.C. McConnell
Legal Advisor/Consultant/Relations :
Brandi Snodgrass
A&R Artist/Development:
Jimmy O. Lloyd
Terry Snodgrass Jr
Director Of Music Projects:
Donella J. Lloyd (McConnell)
Artist Aquistions/Assignment:
Patricia Snodgrass
Patricia Lloyd (Ruffin)
Administrative Advisors/ Hip-Hop/Rap:
Joshua Turner
Dominique Lloyd
Davon Lloyd
Artist Design:
Dominique Lloyd
Terry R. Snodgrass Sr
Producers & Writers:
Jimmy O Lloyd, Teezy Turner, Dommo Lloyd, Skulleone Lloyd, Terry Snodgrass, Jimmy Lloyd Jr, Shun Digg, Greg Austin, Pat Lloyd, Flo Lloyd, Clarence Young, Bobby Slack Jr, Rick Legg, Cynthia Jones, Arron Tolbert

In Memory Of Our Musical Family:  Mr. Raymond Alexander ( Vocalist- ” La’que”) & Mr. Kenny Jones ( Our First-Band Conductor) Truly Missed!!!